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NIA Cracks Down on Trans-Border Arms Trafficking Ring, Arrests One More Accused in Mizoram

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has conducted searches in Mizoram and arrested one more accused in a trans-border arms, ammunition, and explosives trafficking case. The searches, which took place on Saturday, targeted six locations, including two gun shops, in the Aizawl district of Mizoram.

As per NIA, “The accused, Solomona @ Hminga, is the second person to be arrested in the case, which was registered on December 26, 2023.”

The case involves a large-scale illegal arms, ammunition, and explosives supply network operating in the north-eastern region of the country.

NIA investigations have revealed that the accused had established a network in the bordering areas of Myanmar and Mizoram to procure and transfer arms and ammunition, and also smuggle explosives into Mizoram and Manipur from across the Myanmar border. 

The agency has also identified hawala channels being used to transfer payments for arms and ammunition trafficking.

The arrest and searches have yielded a large quantity of explosives material, ammunition, digital devices, documents, and other incriminating materials. The investigations are ongoing, and the NIA is working to dismantle the entire network and bring all the accused to justice.

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