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India Successfully Tests RudraM-II Air-to-Surface Missile

India’s Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) achieved a significant milestone with the successful flight test of the RudraM-II air-to-surface missile on Wednesday, Launched from a Su-30 MKI fighter jet of the Indian Air Force (IAF) off the Odisha coast, the test met all objectives, validating both the missile’s propulsion system and its guidance and control algorithms.

Flight data captured by various tracking instruments, including radar, electro-optical systems, and telemetry stations, confirmed the missile’s successful performance. These instruments were deployed by the Integrated Test Range, Chandipur, at various locations including a ship positioned for the test.

The RudraM-II is an indigenously developed air-launched missile designed to neutralize enemy targets on the ground. It utilizes a solid-propulsion system and incorporates advanced technologies developed by DRDO laboratories.

India’s Defense Minister, Rajnath Singh, congratulated DRDO, the IAF, and the involved industries on the successful test. He emphasized how this achievement strengthens the RudraM-II’s role as a “force multiplier” for the Indian Armed Forces.

DRDO Chairman Dr. Samir V. Kamat also commended the DRDO team for their tireless efforts that led to this successful test flight.

The RudraM-II boasts versatility with two distinct variants. One functions as a conventional air-to-surface missile for destroying enemy ground targets. The other, equipped with a PHH-IIR seeker, transforms into a formidable anti-radiation missile (ARM). This ARM variant homes in on enemy radar emissions, effectively neutralizing their air defense systems and communication networks.

The RudraM-II is a force to be reckoned with thanks to its impressive speed. It can reach hypersonic velocities of Mach 5.5, ensuring swift responses to emerging threats. However, for pinpoint accuracy, the missile cleverly reduces its speed to subsonic (below Mach 1) upon impact. This capability minimizes collateral damage during strikes, a crucial factor in modern warfare.

The RudraM-II is a testament to India’s growing prowess in missile technology. It utilizes a solid-propulsion system and integrates cutting-edge technologies developed by various DRDO laboratories. This indigenous development not only reduces dependence on foreign suppliers but also strengthens India’s strategic autonomy.

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