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NIA Chargesheets 17 Alleged ISIS Operatives in Delhi-Padgha Terror Module Case

New Delhi, June 3rd, 2024: In a significant development, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has chargesheeted 17 individuals suspected of being part of an ISIS terror module operating in the Delhi-Padgha region. This brings the total number charged in the case to 20, exposing a wider network with potential international connections.

The NIA had initially filed charges against three suspects in March 2023. This latest action involves a supplementary chargesheet submitted before the Special Court at Patiala House in New Delhi. The 17 newly charged individuals hail primarily from Maharashtra (15), with one each from Uttarakhand and Haryana.

The NIA accuses the group of actively targeting and radicalizing young people to join ISIS. As per NIA evidence suggests the group may have been involved in manufacturing explosives and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), posing a serious threat. The investigation uncovered efforts to raise funds, presumably to support ISIS operations.

The NIA’s probe also revealed the presence of propaganda material from ISIS, including publications like “Voice of Hind,” “Rumiyah,” “Khilafat,” and “Dabiq.” Additionally, investigators found evidence of the accused sharing digital files related to IED construction, raising concerns about their potential for violence.

“The agency had further found during investigations that the accused had been sharing digital files related to IED fabrication with their contacts. They were also found to be actively raising funds to further their terror plans as part of ISIS agenda to spread violence in India and destroy its secular ethos and democratic systems.” NIA said in a statement.

These activities allegedly align with the known goals of ISIS – to spread violence and dismantle India’s secular democracy. The chargesheet suggests the accused may have pledged allegiance (bayath) to ISIS.

The NIA is actively continuing its investigation to identify any further links the accused may have. This case highlights the agency’s ongoing efforts to dismantle terror networks operating within India and prevent potential attacks.

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